The New Book

I have been working on the revision of Revelation Illumination and correcting the typos. The result is a new book that is called “Deep Foundations.” The new book contains all the charts and chapters that are in Revelation Illumination. In addition to the original book there is an important new chapter called “The Heart of the Matter.” This chapter contains the biblical identification of the heart and how it functions and communicates. It is the key to understand the last chapter. The heart is what many Christians call their spirit. It contains far more that just emotions.

The new book Deep Foundations also has 2 new full page time charts and a new diagram. It has many new Scripture verses. A couple of existing passages I slimed down to help readers focus on the message. Every chapter has been refined with more descriptive information.

Deep Foundations has a new Facebook page. 

Deep Foundations is now available for you to own. If you click the “buy” button it will take you to the amazon book page where you can download the e-book.

(Just a quick note on the Amazon sample) This “preview” adds unnecessary indentations not in the original formatting. I’ve downloaded and read this e-book on my MackBook Pro and my Samsung phone and the formatting is correct (without the unnecessary indentation) resulting in a better reading experience than in the example below.