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I was born in 1956 and given the name Rickey Lee Peterman. My parents named me after Little Ricky on the “I Love Lucy” show. I grew up in the countryside, about 25 miles northeast of Grand Rapids Michigan. If you were to tell any of my friends or teachers that I would one day write a book, they would probably laugh out loud, because I suffer from dyslexia. That’s why for many years I’ve been a tradesman working in my little auto body shop in Fort Lauderdale. During slow times at my shop, I have been quite content rebuilding and upgrading my 1970 Corvette. I’m not a professional writer. In fact, my clerical skills are probably one the weakest areas of my life. I thank God for my wife and spell-check. After about ten months of editing this book, I planned to have someone proofread it before printing. I mentioned to God that if He wanted a professional to proofread it, He would need to bring him or her to my attention. Shortly after that was the day of the time change, November 6, 2011. As I walked into Sunday school class, there was a conversation going on between Kate (a lady I didn’t know very well) and Scott (the Sunday school teacher). She was an editor looking for a project. As God would have it, that was when I walked in, and Scott pointed her to me. I was surprised at all the literary mistakes she immediately found. No doubt, the book needed an editor. I thank God for Kate and her volunteering for this project. It is my hope and prayer that you do not let any prejudice or textual style blind you to the important realities presented in this book. When I began this project more than four years ago, I knew nothing about the business of writing or publishing a book. However, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that God wanted to change that because in the end it’s not about the messenger, it’s about the message.

(1 Corinthians 1:27)

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