Chapter Titles

Chapters and Sections in the book Deep Foundations:

 Section 1 – Identification:

This section may not be as interesting as some following sections but it contains vital keys to help you understand how things work.

Section 2 – Illustration:

This section will be very interesting to those who enjoy history. The main focus is the life and times of Jesus Christ.

Section 3 – Application:

This section will help you find personal fulfillment and victory.

Section 4 – Transformation:

This section will be very interesting to those who enjoy prophecy and want to envision our destiny.

Section 5 – Illumination:

This section contains some final clarifying notes to help you understand the Bible and walk in wisdom.

Section 1 – Identification
1.      Receiving Truth or Blinding Deceptions     
2.      Origins & Definitions      
3.      The Fall   
4.     The Heart of the Matter

Section 2 – Illustration
5.      The Last Adam – The God Man   
6.     God’s Sovereignty – Man’s Freewill 
7.     Power From On High  
8.     How Was Jesus Tempted?    
9.     Time of Crucifixion     
10.   What Happened to Hell? 

Section 3 – Application
11.   The Key to Heaven 
12.   What Good is Good Works?  
13.   The War Within 
14.   Walking in the Light  

Section 4 – Transformation
15.   From Corruption to Perfection 
16.   The Devil’s Final Destiny    
17.   Heaven  

Section 5 – Illumination
18.   Reconciling Apparent Contradictions 

One thought on “Chapter Titles

  1. Dr. John W. Stauffer

    Author, Rick Peterman has done an exceptional job of explaining how the Christian can discern between light and darkness, and truth and deception. This is a necessity in a world where Satan has blinded the minds of so many people. I highly recommend this book to both followers and seekers of Jesus, who want to truly let their light shine before their fellow man and glorify God.

    Dr. John W. Stauffer
    First Christian Church Of Wilton Manors
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Pastor (38 years)

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